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Job Title Job Family Job Cluster
Welding trainee Production-Welding Advanced Manufacturing
Learn how to join metal parts.
Annual Pay Education Needed Where to Get Education
$16,800-$24,900 Typically requires vocational training, OJT, or an AAS. Forsyth CC (AAS), GTCC (AAS), Piedmont CC (AAS, Cert), Surry CC (AAS, Cert)
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Welding trainee

      Welding trainee    
Set Designer Job Family: Film-Video-TV Cluster: Creative Enterprises & The Arts
Fine Artist/Craftsperson - Painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, multi-media artist, potter, jeweler, weaver, glass artist, metalsmith, cabinetmaker, musical instrument maker, etc. Job Family: Fine Arts-Crafts Cluster: Creative Enterprises & The Arts


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Specialist Machinist

Salary Range: $33,200-$48,800
Education offered at: Alamance CC (AAS, Cert), Forsyth CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), GTCC (AAS, Cert, Dip), Piedmont CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), Randolph CC (AAS, Cert), Rockingham CC (Dip, Cert), Surry CC (AAS)
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