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Radiologic Technologist Radiology Healthcare
The title of radiologic technologist covers a wide range of health care professionals who use radiation and magnetic fields for diagnostic imaging. For most sections of the medical imaging field, the health care provider must first complete a radiography program and successfully pass the national certification examination in radiography before seeking additional training and certification in other medical imaging areas. Radiographers produce radiographs or images of all parts of the human body for use in diagnosing and treating illnesses. They are responsible for patient assessment and preparation for radiologic procedures and for image production for analysis by a radiologist. Some radiographers may specialize in fluoroscopic examinations (watching a patientÂ’s internal organs on a monitor or screen), in pediatrics or in orthopedics. Radiographers who are CT technologists use computerized tomography to view patient anatomy and disease from a cross-sectional perspective. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologists are also radiographers, but they are skilled in using magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves instead of ionizing radiation, to create images. Vascular/interventional technologists began as radiographers and then specialized in the imaging and treatment of blood vessels, ducts, and other structures. All radiologic technologists work under the direct supervision of a physician.
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$35,000-$65,000 Must graduate from an accredited two or four year program to be eligible for national certifying exam 2-year programs available in certain specialities (e.g., MRI, mammography) Forsyth CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), Greensboro Co (BS), Randolph CC (AAS)
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Radiologic Technologist

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