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Radiation Therapist Radiology Healthcare
Radiation therapists administer doses of radiation to treat patients, primarily cancer patients. By applying high energy photon and electron beams to specific body areas, radiation therapy attempts to halt the spread of disease or to offer relief from symptoms. Radiation therapists deliver the course of radiation, give support and information to the patient, and work closely with oncologists to decide treatment options and to monitor patient progress. Cancer patients and their families often develop a meaningful relationship with these health care providers over the course of treatment.
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$45,000-$68,000 Must graduate from an accredited one year certificate, two year AA/AAS degree, or four year Bachelor's program to be eligible for certification Forsyth CC (AAS), Greensboro Co (BS), Randolph CC (AAS)
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Radiation Therapist

    Radiation Therapist    


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Salary Range: $42,000-$77,000
Education offered at: UNCG-JSNN (MSN, Cert), WSSU (MSN)
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