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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Radiology Healthcare
Nuclear medicine technologists use radiopharmaceuticals under a physicianÂ’s supervision to produce images for diagnosis and for the treatment of some diseases. Radiopharmaceuticals, introduced into the body via injection, inhalation, or ingestion, aid in the diagnostic imaging of such organs as the heart, lungs, bone, liver, kidneys, and brain. These radioactive tracers are useful because they are attracted by certain internal organs and emit easily detectable high energy rays. Using sensitive instrumentation such as position emission tomography (PET), the nuclear medicine technologist can obtain images of the structure and function of the specific organ in question. These technologists are also concerned with the safe storage and disposal of these radioactive materials. They prepare and administer the radioactive materials, operate nuclear instruments, position patients for diagnostic procedures, and prepare information received from the examinations for the radiologistÂ’s interpretation. Technologists must monitor radiation levels at all times to ensure the safety of patients and themselves
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$43,000-$70,000 One year certificate, two year AA/AAS degree, and four year Bachelor's programs are available Forsyth CC (AAS),
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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

    Nuclear Medicine Technologist    


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