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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Radiology Healthcare
Diagnostic medical sonographers use sound waves (ultrasound) to create images that show the shape and composition of body tissues, organs, and pathologies. These images assist physicians in diagnosing disease, injury, or other physical conditions. The sonographer will first record patient history, position the patient for ultrasound testing, and explain the procedure in detail. Although many sonographers are trained to use ultrasound on all body parts, some may specialize in neurosonography (brain), vascular sonography (blood vessels), echocardiography (heart), abdominal sonography (abdominal cavity), obstetrics/gynecological sonography (female reproductive system), or ophthalmologic sonography (eye). As with other medical imaging personnel, diagnostic medical sonographers work under the direct supervision of a physician.
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$40,000-$75,000 OJT in conjunction to a certificate program or a two-year associates program Forsyth CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), WFU (Cert)
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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer    


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