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Nurse Anesthetist (also in nursing category) Medical Healthcare
Anesthesia is the use of special drugs that temporarily block sensation in an area of the body or enable a patient to be kept unconscious and pain free during surgery. Anesthesia is administered by either an anesthesiologist (a physician who specializes in this area of practice) or a nurse anesthetist (a registered nurse who is specially trained in anesthesiology). As a key member of the operating team, the nurse anesthetist combines professional nursing skills with the science of anesthesia and works in collaboration with a doctor or dentist to administer and monitor anesthesia.
Annual Pay Education Needed Where to Get Education
$100,000-$120,000 Must be an RN with a Bachelor's and have completed a 24 month training program to be eligible for certifying exams UNCG-JSNN (BSN, MSN, Certs), WFU (Cert)
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Nurse Anesthetist (also in nursing category)

    Nurse Anesthetist
(also in nursing category)    
Physician Assistant Job Family: Medical Cluster: Healthcare


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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Salary Range: $42,000-$77,000
Education offered at: UNCG-JSNN (MSN, Cert), WSSU (MSN)
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