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Health Information Administrator Health Information and Communications - Data Focused Healthcare
Health information management professionals collect, analyze, organize, integrate, and disseminate health care data that doctors, nurses and other health care providers rely on to deliver quality health care. They are experts in managing, maintaining and protecting health information and medical records, whether they are in electronic or paper media. A health record is created for every patient and contains the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of patient care. The information is used to diagnose, treat and plan health care services, evaluate overall quality of care, and accurately bill for services that are provided. Health information administrators receive certification as Registered Health Information Administrators (RHIAs) by passing a national registry exam. They design, implement and manage automated and manual health information systems in order to assure medical, legal, and ethical standards are met. The skills acquired in managing and displaying data provide them with numerous career growth opportunities.
Annual Pay Education Needed Where to Get Education
$30,000-$100,000 Bachelor's degree with a major in Health Information Administration (HIM) or Bachelor’s degree with a postgraduate certificate in HIM. WFU (MD/MBA), WSSU (MHA)
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Health Information Administrator

    Health Information Administrator    
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Salary Range: $42,000-$77,000
Education offered at: UNCG-JSNN (MSN, Cert), WSSU (MSN)
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