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Dental Hygienist Dentistry Healthcare
Registered dental hygienists (RHDs) are licensed professionals who provide a variety of oral health services. They perform oral health assessments, provide nutritional counseling and self-care programs to prevent disease, examine the head, neck, and oral regions for disease, take and process dental X-rays, and perform other diagnostic tests. Hygienists provide services that help patients prevent gum disease and cavities by removing deposits from teeth and applying sealants and fluoride to prevent decay. They also perform oral cancer and blood pressure screenings, provide oral health instructions, place and remove temporary fillings and periodontal dressings, and remove sutures.
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$35,000-$56,000 Eligible for licensure by exam after graduating from American Dental Association accredited two to 4 year program. Forsyth CC (AAS), GTCC (AAS)
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Dental Hygienist

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