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Warehouse-Distribution-Inventory and Storage Cluster: Logistics and Distribution

Storage and Distribution managers
Plan, direct, and coordinate the storage and distribution operations within an organization or the activities of organizations that are engaged in storing and distributing materials and products.

Inventory Control Coordinator
Maintain accurate inventory records and transactions. Perform periodic cycle counts to account for all items in inventory. Research and post adjustments to inventory records daily. Match computer inventory to physical inventory on hand, to not only resolve differencesand determine and address root causes

Perishable - Cold Storage
Operate or tend equipment, such as cooling and freezing units, refrigerators, batch freezers, and freezing tunnels, to cool or freeze products, food, blood plasma, and chemicals.


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Truck Drivers - Heavy and tractor-trailer

Salary Range: $28,300-$45,600
Education offered at: Davidson CC (Cert)
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