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Supply Chain Cluster: Logistics and Distribution

VP Supply Chain
Strategic planning and budgeting to ensure that supply chain strategies support corporate strategy and customer satisfaction. Develop and plan capital spending related to technology planning that maintains efficient and profitable supply chain infrastructure, both intercompany and through the extended enterprise. Provide thought leadership and drive relationship planning with upstream and downstream partners to leverage core competencies of all entities in support of a consumer driven supply chain. Assess and direct execution of plans to mitigate or deal effectively with supply chain interruptions.

Director of Supply Chain
Provide leadership through recommending, implementing, and maintaining processes and systems that ensure peak efficiency in daily supply chain operations. Hire and develop supply chain staff to leverage core competencies among all partners in service of the end consumer. Recommend policy on use and sharing of demand data among supply chain partners. Responsible for development of methods, tracking, and communication of total supply chain costs and metrics. Oversee and direct appropriate levels of process and system integration between supply chain entities.

Supply Chain Manager
Represent the firm in building and managing relationships with customers and suppliers. Ensure supply chain processes and systems consistently serve meeting/exceeding customer expectations while operating profitably for all related supply chain partners. Consult with supply chain partners to share expertise in the firm's core competencies and determine how to effectively leverage core competencies of other partners. Educate/communicate within the firm to connect, provide updates on, and problem solve supply chain issues.

Reverse Logistics Manager
Manage systems and processes related to the flow of product and services upstream through the supply chain. Provide expertise to appropriately reduce, reuse, and recycle as well as ensure for socially responsible final disposal of product. Track and communicate costs related to reverse product flow. Provide leadership toward product design for logistics and reverse logistics. Develop measurements and monitor overall supply chain environmental effect, problem solving specific issues as needed.

Supply Chain Analyst
Gather and interpret data related to total supply chain efficiency and cost. Problem solving, getting to root causes and developing solutions to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs. Communicate findings and recommendations with management. Serve as the liaison between business users of supply chain data and Information Technology staff to ensure consistent/productive transformation of data into actionable information.

Strategic Sourcing Manager
Requests and evaluates bids for product, raw materials and services. Develops supplier selection criteria and negotiates business relationship parameters with potential suppliers. Makes final supplier selection for the firm. Reviews and maintains supplier contracts as appropriate and monitors supplier performance to ensure that all agreements are met. Supervises Purchasing Agents/Buyers.

Purchasing Agent/Buyer
Plans and releases orders for product, materials, and services according to need. Analyzes demand patterns and capacity to determine appropriate levels of safety stock and ordering frequency. Monitors overall inventory levels, constantly balancing the need to be in stock while ensuring that the firm does not hold excess inventory.

Supply Chain Systems Lead/Project Management
Serve as the business representative in projects related to the development, delivery, and maintenance of supply chain technology solutions. These solutions may include software for warehouse management, transportation management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain event management, advanced planning and optimization, etc. Interpret and educate business users to assist in defining system hierarchies, attributes and metrics to provide for logical use of data by the business group and interpret business needs to IT partners.


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Truck Drivers - Heavy and tractor-trailer

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