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Social Worker
Social workers work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. In a medical setting, they help patients and their families deal with problems related to physical, mental, or emotional illness and disability. Working in the community, social workers assist residents in finding employment or housing and help initiate community projects. A social worker may provide personal counseling to help individuals and families improve their problem-solving and coping skills and developmental capacities. Social workers also serve as leaders in promoting and designing more effective and humane policies, organizations, and communities. Social workers can work in hospitals or other health care settings in a case management role.

Medical Interpreter
Medical interpreters assist with the oral communication from one language into another and medical translators assist with bilingual communication in writing. These services are provided for patients, medical staff, and agency support staff to facilitate communication between parties. Interpreter/translator services are provided during a patientÂ’s registration at a health care facility, admission to a hospital, financial aid counseling, and during examination, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions. Often, health care providers such as social workers, nurses, or public health educators learn another language and have both interpreting and traditional responsibilities. In North Carolina, there is a growing need for Spanish-speaking health professionals.


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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Salary Range: $42,000-$77,000
Education offered at: UNCG-JSNN (MSN, Cert), WSSU (MSN)
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