Advanced Manufacturing

The Triad Region has a long history of doing large-scale, world class manufacturing.  As many jobs in textile, furniture and tobacco manufacturing have disappeared, the strength of the region as a manufacturing hub has resurfaced in Advance Manufacturing.  The future looks bright for Advance Manufacturing because the Triad has excellent infrastructure for manufacturing and distribution, and the region has favorable weather conditions, keeping plants busy all year long.

Advanced Manufacturing is much more high-tech than traditional manufacturing.  Machines are computerized, running sophisticated programs that require operators to have more highly developed technical skills.  Click here to listen to comments from people working in Advanced Manufacturing.

The region is fortunate to have many excellent educational organizations and training providers who can prepare you for a career in Advance Manufacturing. 

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Advanced Manufacturing Career Lattice




    Featured Career - Advanced Manufacturing
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Salary Range: $26,730-$35,000
Education offered at: Alamance CC (AAS, Cert), Forsyth CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), GTCC (AAS, Cert, Dip), Piedmont CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), Randolph CC (AAS, Cert), Rockingham CC (Dip, Cert), Surry CC (AAS)
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