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This website is designed to help individuals explore careers options, investigate what jobs pay and what type of education and training is needed for those jobs, learn how skills in one career can help you in a different career, and much more.  The identified careers fall into four major areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Creative Enterprises and the Arts, Healthcare, and Logistics and Distribution.

These four areas, or "career clusters", have been identified as having great current and future potential in the North Carolina Triad Region.  Economic development organizations, in conjunction with Workforce Development organizations and Education/Training organizations, have focused their work and resources on these four areas because of their growth potential. These partners represent a highly coordinated effort to make sure good careers with good companies will stay in, and expand in, the Triad.

This website contains a Career Lattice, which is like a 3-D career ladder, where you can learn about what you need to do to have a certain career.  But the Lattice also conects between careers and even between career clusters to show you what you can do with a certain type of education, or even what you might be able to do right away because your skills and talents are "transferrable" to other careers.

You are encouraged to register with the site so that you can keep track of what you have explored (there are 350 careers in the Lattice), rate your level of interest in certain careers, and revisit the site (and your career exploration) in the future.

Our media center allows you to watch video interviews with people in certain careers to get the inside scoop on what it takes to be successful in various careers.

Thank you for visiting our site, and best wishes for starting, continuing or switching to a great career in the Triad Region.

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Salary Range: $26,730-$35,000
Education offered at: Alamance CC (AAS, Cert), Forsyth CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), GTCC (AAS, Cert, Dip), Piedmont CC (AAS, Dip, Cert), Randolph CC (AAS, Cert), Rockingham CC (Dip, Cert), Surry CC (AAS)
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